HOLGA – New Mexico and Far West Texas

At the end of each summer, my wedding season comes to a screeching halt and I find myself fulfilling my feelings of wanderlust.  This summer in a matter of 7 weeks, I visited Massachusetts, Maine, Chicago (more on that later), Las Cruces & Cloudcroft, New Mexico, Nevada and Far West Texas.  For those who aren’t familiar, Far West Texas is…well, really far from Austin.  We managed to see Midland, Marathon, Marfa, Valentine,Alpine, Fort Davis, For Stockton, Balmorhea…basically making a giant loop.  Stopping at every historical marker and weird something-or-other on the side of the road.  Most notably, a terrifying live rattlesnake exhibit on the side of the road.  Which seemed like a really good idea before we walked in.    My skin is still crawling from that one.  Gahhhhhhh!!  Anyway, I took a few shotswith my plastic & unpredictable Holga camera along the way.  I ran color film through the camera for the 2nd time ever.  And I must say, I kind of dig it.  I left the Holga camera in the car for a few weeks too, to see if the heat affected the film at all, which it seems to have done.  I’m happy to have achieved some nice images with appropriately spooky light leaks throughout.  Not for everyone, I know.  But it’s definitely for me.

Have a good day!


Somewhere between Alpine & Fort Davis, Texas…

Prada Marfa art installation which is actually located in Valentine, Texas.  A bit further down the road:Exploring White Sands, New Mexico with some friends before attending a wedding later that day:

Perfect puffy clouds over Nevada:

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