Goodbye Winter.

Today is the first day of Spring – THANK GOODNESS, right?  Like most everyone else I had a heavy dose of winter this year.  Traveling deep into the Rocky Mountains followed immediately by a quick trip to the ice cap that is Chicago, Illinois made me 100% ready for winter to be over!  I will have to say thought, that I enjoyed by winter trips immensely.  When I finally arrived in Aspen, Colorado after 7 hours on a bus (FROM DENVER, normally a 3 hour trip), I realized that I had forgot my Holga camera.  Which was a small little tragedy for me.  But with the help of Amazon Prime, I was able to get a new one within a few days.  Overnight delivery turned into a few days.  But given that we were sitting in the middle of the worst (best?) snowstorm in 30 years, I wasn’t complaining.  Fun fact: we got 24 inches in 24 hours.  It was AMAZING.

I was a little unsure about shooting with the new camera without being able to do a test roll to see how the light leaks were on this particular one.  But I decided I didn’t have a choice and went ahead and shot with it anyway.  For those of you who are familiar with Holga cameras, you’ll know what I mean.  For those who are not familiar, I’ll just say you’re about to see a few b/w photos shot with a plastic camera.

Everyday was basically a blizzard so I have some very cold & snowy photos.  The camera is actually pretty tight, so I will be fussing with it to make it a bit less predictable.

And now, it’s Friday and 80 degrees in Austin, Texas and I’m not working this weekend.  SO, TGIF I say!  TGIF.


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