Genevieve & Mike’s Sonoma County Wedding

A Practical Wedding published this wedding awhile back and it told the lovely story about Genevieve and Mike’s wedding day.  I really like their approach on actually focusing on the couple’s story rather than all the details.  Which is what you usually see on most wedding blogs.  BUT that being said, I figured I should at least share more of the photos since they are lovely, if I do say so myself.  Thank you Vanessa Escobeda Barba for traveling with me and Kim Maguire to shoot in California! Some of my favorite particulars from the wedding: the Groom makes his own home brew, which was served at the wedding.  It was also included in the welcome bags for the guests.  The labels featured family member’s wedding photos.  The couple grew the succulents which serve as place cards for the guests.  A family friend arranged all of the flowers. The Groom’s best friend built the altar, The night before at the Rehearsal Dinner all the guests learned Rod Stewart’s “You’re in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)” and they everyone sang it together during the ceremony.  There are many more tidbits and one big mishap that ultimately led to a truly wonderful day.   Hop over to A Practical Wedding to read the entire story.  It’s a great one!  But for now, here are some beauties for feast your eyes upon:

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