Places I’d rather be…

It’s a whopping 103º in Austin, Texas and while it is not the hottest summer we’ve had, I’m fed up with this heat!!  So other places I’d rather be?


 This was shot in Kinsale, Ireland during the summer.  Yes, that’s me.  The house has no significance other than it is bright blue and I appeared to match it.  I took the below holga photo of the window which, in retrospect, I obviously should have shot in color.  Live an learn, I suppose.

I hope you are all keeping cool as we brave out the final days of summer.  Actually Austin has at least a month left of summer, probably six weeks.  So, get thee to a watering hole!  I will be dreaming of Ireland, hats, scarves, boots and hot whiskey drinks.  I will be dreaming of Autumn.


Emma & Simon, but first the dress.

Yes, I will be sharing this entire wedding with you.  But first, we must talk about this dress.  THIS DRESS.  Before you all email me at once (and literally for months to come, like you did with Sarah Senter) the dress is made by Lanvin.  The bride and groom live in Switzerland.  So the bride, Emma, was fortunate enough to buy her dress in Paris, France.  Dreamy, huh?  I actually met the dress before I met Emma.  Yes, I just said that I “met the dress.”  Margot, Emma’s mother showed it to me when she returned from Paris.  I literally gasped when I saw it.  What IS that color?  It hung and moved like a dream.  I regularly thought about this dress for months.  It was perfect for the wedding: understated, elegant…clever, even.  Much like Emma herself.  I have never seen such a calm bride on her wedding day.  
This whole wedding was delightful for us to photograph and again, I will be sharing it on photosmashing.  But here’s a teaser: the ceremony was held at her parents house in the historic neighborhood in Austin, Texas.  The backdrop for the ceremony was simply a well loved garden.  The backdrop for the portraits was a barn from the late 19th century that somehow exists in the backyard.  The reception was a street party with dancing and cocktails in the middle of the street and a gorgeous tent in an empty lot at the end of the block which the guest enjoyed a three course meal.  Gumbo was served as the main course to honor the bride’s family being from New Orleans.    This tent had the most perfect lighting.  A vintage pick up truck blocked off the street.  A wall of sweet peas had been planted months ago in preparation and provided a low wall for one side of the tent.  A giant chalkboard served as the seating chart and more!
And then there’s this dress….
P.S. Sarah Senter’s dress is John Galliano She got it at Neiman Marcus Last Call.