Holga – Sarah and Adam & DESIGN SPONGE!

I was dead set on shooting my Holga at Sarah and Adam’s wedding. However, it was a bit too dark for my liking, so the photos ended up darker than normal. But I kind of love them being so moody. Enjoy (or don’t). Either way is fine with me!

Also, we’re on DESIGN SPONGE again!! It’s such an honor to be featured on this blog as I read it everyday and it’s full of inspiration.

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be shooting weddings.

We’re on Design Sponge!!!

I’m so thrilled that one of our weddings has been featured on Design Sponge! Design Sponge is a very cool blog that is dedicated to home and product design. It’s a great source of inspiration for design, art all things vintage etc….I read this blog every single day. So having one of our weddings on it, is kinda a big deal for me! Please take a minute to check it out as I’m not reposting those images here. Here are some more that weren’t posted. The first photo is of the gift that Alyson and Derek gave away to their guests, a travel sewing kit. As I mentioned in a the post before, Alyson is an amazing artist in many ways, one of them being a fashion designer. So, this was a clever gift indeed. Notice the stamp on the cover with the cover with their names on it. It’s all in the details, people. It’s all in the details.