Nicole & Evan – Post 3



I’d like to thank Kim Maguire and Sarah Bork Hamilton for traveling to Houston and shooting this extravaganza with me.  The event design, flowers and coordinaton were by Todd Events of Dallas, Texas.  Todd and his team were amazing to work with!  Nicole’s dress was by Reem Acra.  Both the ceremony and reception were held at The Corinthian in Houston, Texas.
 I’m off for the holidays – Merry Christmas to all!

Nicole & Evan – Post 1

You might remember Nicole and Evan from their engagement session a few months back.  Well their wedding celebration was nothing short of spectacular.  Seriously.  Spectacular.  There will be several posts from this wedding because it was an extravaganza that spanned the better part of two days!  So here’s the first post…enjoy!



Kim & Charlie #2

I’m leaving out a zillion favorite photos from this because there are just simply too many. But I wanted to give you the gist. Here’s what you are NOT seeing:

A man hand rolling cigars
Flip flops handed out to the guests for comfortable dancing purposes
Whataburger taquitos given out for a midnight snack
(and general happy mayhem)

But look at this genius flip of the ceremony site into a lounge area. Nice!

These photos below are the groom’s cakes. They created a case of wine cake and a box of cigars cake! Clever, indeed.

Here comes an adorable costume change by the bride…..

Pedi cab get-away vehicle. Clever, again!