Beautifying the beautiful.

Your wedding goes by in a flash, but your pictures never go away. Every bride (and groom, too) wants glowing skin on their wedding day; which is why Sabia’s signature bridal facial series is in such high demand. The effects are cumulative, so give us 6 hours and we’ll give you radiant skin!

6 treatments of gel peels or microdermabrasion are a $690 value
$590 exclusively for photosmashers! You do not have to be a client of Ashley Garmon Photographers. Just mention that you saw the promotion on Photosmashing and you’ll be good to go! Call for details and to make an appointment: 512.469.0447

Pay as you go option available.

Now run along and get pretty….

Shop Atown!

If you’re looking for a guide & blog to some of the coolest retailers in Austin, you must check out! The stores that are featured on this site are some of my favorites in ton. They all carry very unique, often one of a kind items.

So, mosey on over to Shop Atown and then mosey on over to the shops.

We do a lot of moseying here in Austin, Texas…

The Disposable Memory Project

This is really cool:

The Disposable Memory Project has left disposable cameras around the world. The idea is for people to pick them up, take some photos and then return them. On the website, they track the cameras and post the photos as the cameras are returned. I find this concept pretty fascinating. I wish there was one lying around Austin that I could find and shoot, but I kind of doubt it! Check out the site, let me know what you think.

Hola, it’s me.

I know I’ve been absent from photosmashing for a few weeks. We’ve been slammed with weddings and there hasn’t been much time to post with all of the other work that needed to be done. But enough about that! I’ll be putting up photos from the weddings we’ve shot in the past several weeks.

We’ve just returned from Mexico after photographing a lovely wedding in Playa del Carmen. As a result of horrible weather in Dallas and being stuck in the airport for 8 hours, I have some nice “Sleeping in Public” photos for you too!

Stay tuned,