TONIGHT: Live Music Task Force Meeting

Do you live in Austin and love music? You don’t have to be like one of the kids in the above photo. But do you at least appreciate Austin’s live music scene?

The Live Music Task Force needs your support. There will be a public forum for input on the draft report tonight, from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Austin City Hall, 301 W. Second St. The first major music legislation (supportive of live music) that might actually happen in Austin to protect it for the long term.

Did you know that we are the Live Music Capital of the World and we don’t even have a Live Music Office in City Government (unlike many other cities)?

Come down tonight and support.


Beats ‘N Treats Music Festival

Catering to the growing urban music scene, Open Labs will be hosting a two-day music event titled “Beats ‘N Treats Music Festival” at The Mohawk on October 24-25, 2008. The two day event will feature live bands and a beat competition called the “Gold Rush Beat Competition,” in which the winner will receive an Open Labs NeKo LUX encased in a 24-karat gold chassis. The instrument is worth over $24,000, and is Open Labs’ most expensive instrument to date. The competition will be held on the outside stage of the Mohawk for both days, with running times of 5 pm to 2 am on Friday, and 2 pm to 2 am on Saturday. Local Austin Dru Fay will be the master of ceremonies. The inside stage will feature live bands and DJs throughout the event.

Personally, I’m pulling for DJ Spitfire from St. Louis. Come out and support, drink too much and check out an instrument encased in a 24-karat gold chassis. Seriously.

Oh, and have a good weekend. It’s nice and cool here in Austin, Texas – finally.


Sleeping in Public 4 (or 5) not sure anymore…

Okay, you’ve asked and emailed and commented about the Sleeping in Public photos more than anything else. So, here you go! I’ve been stocking them away. The ones that I shot at Lollapalooza were just too easy. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. I love things that are like shooting fish in a barrel. Except that I’d never shoot fish in a barrel, that just seems hateful. Ahem…ANYWAY.

I’ll start with Ireland:This is Stephanie of the Irish wedding (photo below). The only person ever appear sleeping in public twice on my blog! I actually have several photos of her sleeping. She was such a trooper though. She always rallied through her jetlag.
CHECK IT OUT Y’ALL!!!!!! Three people IN A ROW sleeping in the Dublin Airport and a pilot too! I was thrilled to see this. Even though I took it with my phone & it kind of sucks. But it was far too good to pass up.

Here are the fish:
OMG – two SIP at once:

The photo below is maybe my favorite. This guy was soooo pooped that he literally made a pillow out of dirt. Scooped it right up laid his sleepy little head on it. Hey, it was after Girl Talk played at Lolla. We all needed a rest of some kind.

Nightie night, Captain. I like your super cool shoes:

Ash & Cambria on Ice Cream Man’s home page.

Well, this never happens, but a picture of Cambria and me materialized on the world wide web. It was shot by the Ice Cream Man while we were working at Lollapalooza. The Ice Cream Man travels all over the country giving away free ice cream – no kidding. He’s also a dazzling photographer.

Anyhoodle, here we in all our sweaty glory. I’m the one on the left who does NOT have the ice cream in her mouth:

Have a good weekend kitty cats.