Sneak Peek: Ashley & Travis

I shot Ashley and Travis’ wedding this past Saturday in Carlsbad, California. There was an unusual threat of rain all day, but we were VERY lucky to have a dry outdoor ceremony. The storm clouds provided a dramatic backdrop for our quick beach photo shoot.

I’m a sucker for a dramatic sky!

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you Evie. The fabulous Evie.

**WARNING – this post involves a LOT of gushing**

So, I met Evie in Playa Del Carmen last weekend. She’s pretty awesome. I know that I talk a lot about how great the kids are that I photograph, and they ARE great! But I wasn’t photographing Evie. She was with us for Heather and Mike’s wedding (pictures coming soon) and she hung out with the adults all the time and was a precious little angel. I think I heard her cry once. Her sign language is stellar. She shared her cheerios with one of the adults who had a bad hangover. What can I say? We totally bonded. BFFs. Seriously. OK, maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, thanks for bringing the rainbow and the sunshine to Playa, Evie!!


The wedding we shot on December 6th had five flower girls and two ring bearers. Seriously. The were all first cousins, so they were pretty close. They were also pretty well behaved! Of course there were moments of mischief, my to my delight.

OK, I’m not really sure how I feel about the photo below. Pointing and laughing at one child usually results in crying. But he was OK. His little cousin was there to comfort him.
When I saw what was going on in this photo, I thought that the little girl in the middle was being teased and tortured. But I was wrong, she was giggling up a storm as she was spun around by her arms and her tights. Pretty fun. I was kind of jealous!

Bridesmaids, praying and primping.

Well, I’ve shot the last wedding for the year. Now it’s just holiday orders and end of the year wrap up. Oh yes, and Christmas shopping. My gosh has it been cold in Austin the past couple of days. It even snowed. The problem is that it will get very cold and then warm again, so we’re never really sure what to prepare for. But at least it feels like Christmas right now.

I’m still working on achieving a festive mood or feeling the holiday spirit, if you will. Perhaps I should buy a tree? A fake one? A funky pink tinsel Christmas tree?

Any ideas?

Have a good weekend!

Sneak Peek: Alyson Fox and Derek Dollahite

Before I start gushing like a little school girl about these two, let me just say that they are both extraordinarily talented and it was an honor to photograph their wedding. I will save the REAL gushing for the future post with more photos and details.

Alyson is a fashion designer (and an artist and a photographer) and designed her dress from a vintage kimono and silk parachute from World War II. OK, take that idea and run with it. I’ll post more pictures when they become available.

Stay tuned….

Pretty Pink Parasols

Here’s a quick sneak peek from last weekend’s wedding.

Have a good Thursday. Go out and do something fun this evening. Tomorrow is the 4th of July after all.