Cyndi & Trae, one sweet photo

Hello folks,

Sorry for the lack of consistent blogging.  July was a monster month of shooting weddings and portraits.  Without a doubt our busiest July ever!  I’m catching up on many thing, one of them being photosmashing.  So, I’ll start with this photo from Cyndi and Trae’s wedding.  It’s from their “first look.”  I LOVE how happy and excited Cyndi looks.  There will be at least one post (probably more) coming from this wedding as it was an extravaganza of beautiful details and moments! 

Stay tuned!!

Jennifer and Rick, portraits and ceremony

Jennifer and Rick were married on the most perfect of Autumn days.  There were butterflies flyig around during the ceremony as well!  One landed on Jennifer’s dress and stayed there through the duration of the ceremony.  It’s said that if a butterfly lands on you it’s good luck.  What great luck indeed!


The bride’s little sister served as maid of honor in this wedding. This particular maid of honor had just turned 18 and graduated from high school all in the same week! Look how moved she is by watching her sister say her vows.

I love moments like these.


Kim & Charlie #2

I’m leaving out a zillion favorite photos from this because there are just simply too many. But I wanted to give you the gist. Here’s what you are NOT seeing:

A man hand rolling cigars
Flip flops handed out to the guests for comfortable dancing purposes
Whataburger taquitos given out for a midnight snack
(and general happy mayhem)

But look at this genius flip of the ceremony site into a lounge area. Nice!

These photos below are the groom’s cakes. They created a case of wine cake and a box of cigars cake! Clever, indeed.

Here comes an adorable costume change by the bride…..

Pedi cab get-away vehicle. Clever, again!