Beautiful Barr Mansion Wedding on Carats & Cake today!

Stacey and Eric were married in February on a perfect Sunday afternoon.  You would have never even known it was wintertime, the weather was so perfect.  Click here to check out their wedding, being featured today on Carats & Cake, and to see a list of all the talented vendors that made it happen.  Here are a few more photos from the wedding as well:

Thank you for having us capture these memories for you Stacey & Eric!

Have a great day,


Emily and Jeremy are on Style Me Pretty today!

Emily Joyce has been working with me for 13 years shooting weddings.  Photographing her wedding last October was really exciting for me!  Head over to Style Me Pretty to read all about it and see the loveliness!  Thank you Vanessa and Alina for helping me shoot this gorgeous wedding.

Click HERE to see the whole wedding!  There are tons of photos.  All vendors are credited on the Style Me Pretty post.

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Glamorous Anna

We shot the wedding on Saturday, so now I can finally share some of Anna’s bridal portraits!  She said she wanted glamour.  She wasn’t kidding!  She used to be a model and was fearless in her wedding gown.  Didn’t mind twigs, dirt, anything really, getting on it.   She almost walked through water once, and she didn’t care.  A golden retriever ran up to her and nearly jumped on her – she didn’t flinch.  I, on the other hand was flinching the whole time.  Thanks for being fearless and glamorous, Anna!


It’s Monday, let’s celebrate!

I know,  usually a “Woo Hoo!!” photograph usually comes at the end of the week.  Will enthusiastic quips about TGIF, happy hour, and the excellent plans for the weekend.  But I’ve decide to put my faith in the Universe and send all good vibes out today.  On Monday.  I am going to have great week, you guys!  I am insisting you have one too, give it a shot.  What do you have to lose by exercising a little more positivity than normal at the beginning of the week, rather than the end?

This photo was taken at our wedding in January.  The parents surprised everyone (including the bride and groom) with fireworks right after the ceremony.  Look at the smile on the bride’s face!  I just love it.

Have an excellent week.  I mean it!


PS – Great job pulling off the surprise, Caplan Miller Events!

Wedding in Far West Texas, Part 2

And now we continue the second portion of Shelby and Brooks’ wedding in Marathon, Texas.  After the ceremony on the family ranch, we hopped in a truck with the bride and groom and raced around the ranch chasing the quickly setting sun.  Afterwards, we returned the The Gardens at The Gage Hotel for the reception.  It was a truly fun day and shooting with the West Texas sky as a backdrop is simply exhilarating.

Shelby’s sister was not only the Maid of Honor, but she also write a song for Shelby and Brooks, which she performed at the recepetion.  I believe this was the first time she snag and played the guitar solo in front of a crowd.  She did an excellent job!

All the vendors that made this wedding possible:

Wedding dress –

Flowers –

Photographer – Ashley Garmon Photographers

Wedding Dress –

Wedding Dress Hanger – Heirloom

Pavilion draping –

Cactus pouches –

Embroidered handkerchiefs –

Groom’s custom cuff links –

Church items –

Wedding ceremony – private ranch

Makeup artist – Julian Gold of Midland

Hair artist – Glitz House of Beauty

Wedding rings – Fisher Jewelers

Bridal jewelry – &

Brides shoes –

Bridesmaid scarves –

Bridesmaid bracelets – Jenkins Jewelry

Groom’s tux –

Father of the Bride tux –

Mother of the Bride dress –

Groom & Groomsmen ties –

Bridesmaid dresses and Groomsmen tuxes – selected their own

Reception band –

Reception venue and catering –

Save the Dates – “Note”able &

Map card design – Landgraf Crutcher & Associate Inc.

Wedding invitations – RSVP by Darby Brown &

Guest gift bags – , ; ,

Guest book –
Koozies –

Wedding in Far West Texas, Part 1

I love love love weddings in West Texas.  Particularly at The Gage in Marathon.  This hotel is set up to handle all of your wedding needs and it is beautiful!  If you’re thinking of having a destination wedding, consider Far West Texas, you and your guests will not be disappointed!  It’s the home of Marathon, Alpine, and the increasingly popular Marfa, Texas.   It’s also home to Big Bend National Park and the Davis Mountains.  As well as the McDonald Observatory.  OH!  And don’t forget about the mysterious Marfa Lights.   As the name indicates, it’s FAR.  Far from anything.  Midland, Texas is 3 hours away, as is El Paso.  The ultimate Texas road trip, if you will.
Growing up, I spent a lot of time in West Texas – my family is from there.  So at an early age I was spellbound by that area of Texas’ insanely beautiful and dramatic sunsets.  So any chance I get to shoot out there, I take it.  Shelby and Brooks were married in Marathon at the groom’s family ranch.  It was stunning and I would go on and on.  But I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves!  Happily, I was able to shoot some with my Holga camera.  Which, I also love love love.

A west Texas wedding ceremony wouldn’t be complete without something creepy-crawly in attendance.  For the record, there were two tarantulas!

Far West Texas, Part 2 coming soon!


Lauren & JP wed in Austin, Texas!

I am sometimes honored to photograph the weddings of my friends.  Sometimes it’s one or the other that I know.  And many times it’s both the bride and groom that I know and I have to say it’s a lot of fun to do so!  This was true of Lauren and JP.  I knew JP first, from a zillion years ago.  And actually only met Lauren upon their engagement.  But we were fast friends and by the time their wedding came around, I felt like I’d known her for years!  When JP told me about Lauren before I met & while discussing their upcoming wedding.  He said “I just want to make her happy.  She’s so great, Ashley.  I’m really marrying up.”  I laughed at this because JP is a really funny guy and cracks jokes all the time.  But he was dead serious.  And it left me with a lump in my throat that honestly, never really went away.

Ain’t love grand?


The wedding took place at Tarrytown Methodist Church and the reception was at The Austin Club

Bride on the highway, big sky & sunset

Here is an immediate favorite photo from the wedding we shot in Marathon, Texas a few weeks ago.  I shot this as the sun was rapidly setting for the day.  I had to move really quickly to capture the last of the natural light.   And our bride, Shelby, was a champ walking on the highway in her wedding dress!  I will be sharing more of these soon.  The daylight photos are pretty spectacular with the majestic landscape that Mother Nature provides out there!

Are you enjoying these cool temperatures, Austin?  I know I am.

Have a good Wednesday,


Caleigh & Brian at Duchman Winery

To brighten up your Monday morning, I’m sharing this sweet wedding with you!  Caleigh and Brian were married at the gorgeous Duchman Winery in  the Texas Hill Country.  Check out their photos and a note from the bride below.

Caleigh saying hello to her Dad…Instead of a wedding cake, they had a gelato bar.  Which was delicious.

These guys were pretty hilarious…From the bride:

“I have to admit that I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of her wedding day.  I actually think that Brian spent more time dreaming about his wedding as a little boy!  At first, we considered doing a justice of the peace marriage and calling it a day, but then we realized that this day was also about our families and sharing our moment with the people who have helped get us to where we are today.  In the end, we wanted to have a day that would bring together our favorite people and our favorite things.
When vendors asked what the theme of our wedding would be, we would just say that we wanted it to be fun and to be reflective of us.  We didn’t want to obsess over small details or over-think things.  We decided from the beginning that we would “pick our battles”, really focusing on what mattered to us most and delegating the rest.  As we moved through the planning process, the only theme that really unfolded was the idea of “you and me”.  Brian and I use this expression almost daily to each other and that’s what we wanted to remember when we looked back on our wedding.  That it was him and me, and not just a generic wedding.
In the spirit of picking battles, we each got to pick something for the wedding, no vetoes allowed.  I asked that a close family friend officiate the ceremony and decided that I’d much rather do a blending of wine instead of sand.  Brian decided that instead of a band or DJ, he wanted nothing more than to have dueling pianos at the reception.  We both decided that we didn’t really care too much for cake, so we opted for a gelato bar instead.  Our favorite dishes that we cook together (his risotto, my chicken picatta) were incorporated into the menu, and in lieu of a guest book, we asked guests to sign a cork from a bottle of wine that we had enjoyed together.
These were just some of the ways that we made our wedding feel like “us”.  To give it even more of a personal feel, our friends and family helped create some memorable features at the wedding.  My mom designed a replica of the “I love you so much” wall in Austin, and Brian’s father created an incredible sign post with the places in our lives we love most.  Brian’s family friends built rustic frames for the menu signs, and my family friend inscribed the menu details.  It truly felt like everywhere we turned, there were moments and visions of the things we loved most in the world.  And for that, it was our perfect “you and me” wedding.”

Photographer – Ashley Garmon Photographers

Venue – Duchman Winery

Caterer – Kurant Events

Florist – Verbena

Band – Chicago Dueling Pianos

Rentals – Marquee

Hair & Makeup – Rae Cosmetics

Invitations – Dragonfly Designs

Transportation – Elegant Limousine

Rehearsal Dinner – Green Pastures