Beautiful Barr Mansion Wedding on Carats & Cake today!

Stacey and Eric were married in February on a perfect Sunday afternoon.  You would have never even known it was wintertime, the weather was so perfect.  Click here to check out their wedding, being featured today on Carats & Cake, and to see a list of all the talented vendors that made it happen.  Here are a few more photos from the wedding as well:

Thank you for having us capture these memories for you Stacey & Eric!

Have a great day,


Caleigh & Brian at Duchman Winery

To brighten up your Monday morning, I’m sharing this sweet wedding with you!  Caleigh and Brian were married at the gorgeous Duchman Winery in  the Texas Hill Country.  Check out their photos and a note from the bride below.

Caleigh saying hello to her Dad…Instead of a wedding cake, they had a gelato bar.  Which was delicious.

These guys were pretty hilarious…From the bride:

“I have to admit that I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of her wedding day.  I actually think that Brian spent more time dreaming about his wedding as a little boy!  At first, we considered doing a justice of the peace marriage and calling it a day, but then we realized that this day was also about our families and sharing our moment with the people who have helped get us to where we are today.  In the end, we wanted to have a day that would bring together our favorite people and our favorite things.
When vendors asked what the theme of our wedding would be, we would just say that we wanted it to be fun and to be reflective of us.  We didn’t want to obsess over small details or over-think things.  We decided from the beginning that we would “pick our battles”, really focusing on what mattered to us most and delegating the rest.  As we moved through the planning process, the only theme that really unfolded was the idea of “you and me”.  Brian and I use this expression almost daily to each other and that’s what we wanted to remember when we looked back on our wedding.  That it was him and me, and not just a generic wedding.
In the spirit of picking battles, we each got to pick something for the wedding, no vetoes allowed.  I asked that a close family friend officiate the ceremony and decided that I’d much rather do a blending of wine instead of sand.  Brian decided that instead of a band or DJ, he wanted nothing more than to have dueling pianos at the reception.  We both decided that we didn’t really care too much for cake, so we opted for a gelato bar instead.  Our favorite dishes that we cook together (his risotto, my chicken picatta) were incorporated into the menu, and in lieu of a guest book, we asked guests to sign a cork from a bottle of wine that we had enjoyed together.
These were just some of the ways that we made our wedding feel like “us”.  To give it even more of a personal feel, our friends and family helped create some memorable features at the wedding.  My mom designed a replica of the “I love you so much” wall in Austin, and Brian’s father created an incredible sign post with the places in our lives we love most.  Brian’s family friends built rustic frames for the menu signs, and my family friend inscribed the menu details.  It truly felt like everywhere we turned, there were moments and visions of the things we loved most in the world.  And for that, it was our perfect “you and me” wedding.”

Photographer – Ashley Garmon Photographers

Venue – Duchman Winery

Caterer – Kurant Events

Florist – Verbena

Band – Chicago Dueling Pianos

Rentals – Marquee

Hair & Makeup – Rae Cosmetics

Invitations – Dragonfly Designs

Transportation – Elegant Limousine

Rehearsal Dinner – Green Pastures

Esa and Mark’s Laguna Gloria Wedding

In the span of my career as a wedding photographer (which is 15 years) I had the task of capturing many of my friends’ wedding days.  These weddings have been shot in a variety of ways.  Once I was the maid of honor/photographer.  This took place at the Silver Bells Chapel in Las Vegas, so it wasn’t a big deal to wear both hats.  I’ve also been a bridesmaids and had members of my photo team cover the wedding.  Sometimes it’s just me and a handful of our close friends.  Sometimes it’s a collective of friend/photographers covering the wedding.  But more often than not, it’s me and and my team, doing our thing.  I treat my friends’ weddings like any other client.  I consider it an honor to be asked to participate in anyone’s wedding day.  Whether they are clients or friends, I bring the same level of professionalism.  It isn’t until after the wedding, when I’m editing and really looking that the images that I could get emotional.  Usually.
That was not the case when I shot Esa and Mark’s wedding.  I couldn’t stop myself.  I got choked up when she put on her dress.  I got choked up when I watched Mark see Esa for the first time.  And during the ceremony….well lets just say thank goodness for auto-focus.  I was crying all over my camera.  Another friend who was a guest, came to say hello after the ceremony.  I literally tried to pull the old “my allergies are wrecking me” card.  He didn’t buy it.  Oh I cannot imagine why.  With my puffy eyes, nose – face in general. I was a visual snotty, emotional,  blubbering disaster.  But, you know, in a good way.  I even cried during the toasts!!  I was such a happy, crying mess.  Such is life, eh?

Esa and her sisters have been friends of mine for a very long time.  I feel like they are extensions of my family.  I have often felt like another sister to them.  The special thing about these ladies, beyond their general sweet natures, collective beauty, and fun spirit is their closeness.  They would prefer to be with each other than anyone else.  Themselves and of course, now Mark.

Congratulations again Esa and Mark.  I love you both!  And no I am totally NOT tearing up while I write this too. I’m not!  Stop looking at me!



Last but certainly not least, the amazing vendors making this wedding possible:

Ashley Garmon Photographers

Lizze Belle Event Planning, Aimee Villa

Westbank Flower Market

Illios Lightning

Marquee Events


Coco Paloma Cakes

Make up – Mandy Morrison and Ashley Van Dusen

Hair – Jean Barton

Dress Hanger – Heirloom

Glamour at The Hotel St. Cecilia

We recently photographed this oh-so-elegant wedding at The Hotel St. Cecilia.  I’ve some lovely photos to share with you as well as information about the wedding from the event planner, Samantha of Pearl Events Austin and the bride…

From Pearl Events Austin:

I knew Kendall + Todd’s wedding would be one to talk about the first time I met with Kendall and she knew exactly what she wanted down tiniest details! Kendall had already secured the eminent, chic yet comfy Hotel St. Cecilia off South Congress that set the tone for the rest of the planning process.

Kendall and Todd wanted to provide a laid back atmosphere for their guests, starting with a quaint ceremony behind one of the bungalows at Hotel St. Cecilia. Kendall’s precious niece was ushered down the aisle by Kendall’s brand new fun-loving puppy that sure spread the joy by wandering off the aisle into the crowd. The ceremony was short and sweet, and then everyone was ready to celebrate!

The reception was infused with a vintage-glam meets modern, twist. We brought the indoors out by placing a vintage lounge on the front lawn, implemented custom throwback lighting above the circular bar, had chandeliers hanging from trees throughout, played a silent film featuring Todd’s grandfather in the lounge, homemade rice pudding for the groom, and an acoustic band that had everyone on the dance floor by the end of the night!

There were food stations placed along the dimly lit path down to the pool featuring Kendall and Todd’s favorites.  Chic yet naturalistic centerpieces designed by Merveille, were placed throughout the reception as well as hanging baskets of Baby’s Breath that added a comfy feel to the chic atmosphere.

From the bride:

I think everyone is a little bias toward their own wedding like saying their kid is the cutest.  However, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and go ahead and say it, we LOVED our wedding and it was everything we hoped for and more!  Living in Austin, we are privileged to be around so much creativity and uniqueness.  Although I grew up in San Antonio, Austin has now become home and is the spot that fits us best.  There are so many locations to choose from, however, Hotel Saint Cecilia holds a special place in our hearts.  We love all things Liz Lambert, and have spent many evenings sipping Romeo Void cocktails under the oaks or in the turquois clad lounge.  All her properties have that “IT” factor in their own different ways.  The combination of nature meets eclectic chic with a mix of music is my best effort at describing HSC in a nut shell.  That is Austin and that is US!  I am a bit of a fashionista and the dress was an important element to the feel of the wedding.  I read Vanity Fair and Vogue cover to cover every month and had seen the dress that was meant to be mine in a Lanvin ad.  After a little tracking I had it shipped from Barneys New York.  It has a bit of an Asian obi feel to it which was ideal in merging into our garden theme.  We wanted a little Texas a little zen, elegant not fussy, serene yet fun!  Our band, The Shiny Ribs, helped bring in the Texas rock-a-billy twist.  The lead singer, Kevin Russell, is amazing and his rendition of Gin and Juice at the end of the night was a hilarious hit!  We worked with some amazing vendors that helped enhance HSC unique features.  Word of Mouth did and excellent job of mastering everything from pork banh mi to lobster rolls.   Illios lighting brought our fantasy to light and made it magical by illuminating the large oak in the center of the property.  The girls with Merveille Events captured the feel with the hanging floral baskets, orchid boutiques, and pops of peonies mixed with succulents.  We brought a lot of the indoor furniture outdoors to give a more laid back vibe.  All of this was beautifully captured by photographer, Ashley Garmon.

Now THIS is a confetti exit!

This photo is an example of only what is to come from this particular wedding.  Explosions of color and creativity everywhere!!

More to come….


UPDATE 6/25/13 : Martha Stewart Weddings tweeted this photo and regrammed it on instagram.  We are pretty darn excited about that!