Hello, it’s me. Sorry it’s been so long!

There were hundreds of moments throughout my visit to India that led up to this one.  But it happens to be one of my favorite captured.  This was after the final blessing of the last ceremony of the wedding.  The bride, Natasha,  is receiving what are obviously loving words from her now mother-in-law.

People keep asking me: “How was India?”  My response is usually “India was great” or “India was amazing…a lot of fun.”  Of course it was all so much more than that, so this response is trite and incomplete.  What I should say is: “Do you have a hour?  I’d love to tell you how India was.”  But who has an hour anymore?  We all move so quickly through life and are constantly distracted by our modern technological wonders and social media needs.  I am no exception, of course.  As I write this, lap top on my lap, TV on and iPhone alerting me to Facebook notifications, I am well aware that I am as deep in the rabbit hole as the rest of you.  However, India gave me pause.  I believe I checked my email three times in 17 days (thank you Amber, the best studio manager in the world, for returning work emails).  I rarely logged on to Facebook and even more rarely looked at a television.  What I did do was actually talk to my friends, make new friends, participate in prayer services for loved ones passed, learn a lot about different religions, cultures, ate new foods, read a book (a real live book), celebrated love, learned to practice patience and generally just paid more attention to life.  Oh yeah, I also took a TON of photos.  Before I actually start to wax poetically about India, I’ll stop.  I just wanted to check-in, say hello and let you know that there are tons and tons of photos coming your way.

I hope you are all happy, well and enjoying the holiday season.


Nicole & Evan – Post 3



I’d like to thank Kim Maguire and Sarah Bork Hamilton for traveling to Houston and shooting this extravaganza with me.  The event design, flowers and coordinaton were by Todd Events of Dallas, Texas.  Todd and his team were amazing to work with!  Nicole’s dress was by Reem Acra.  Both the ceremony and reception were held at The Corinthian in Houston, Texas.
 I’m off for the holidays – Merry Christmas to all!

One little picture from the NOLA wedding.

In addition to having perfect New Orleans charm, this wedding had the perfect use of the color yellow.  It’s just my opinion that bold colors like yellow (and purple) can overpower a setting when used in great excess.  To all of my brides that have used yellow or purple in their color schemes: NO, I’m not talking about your wedding!  But sometimes people can get a bit carried away with their favorite color.  I think you all know what I mean.

Here’s to the appropriate use of a dominant color (and to weddings in New Orleans)!

More photos coming sooner than later,

Dressing for the Occasion: Bow ties.

We recently traveled to New Orleans to photograph a wedding.  Much to my delight, many of the men in attendance were wearing beautiful colorful bow ties.  I’m of the opinion that men don’t dress up nearly as much as they should.  I cannot tell you how many times I see women dressed in a gorgeous outfit and their male companions can barely muster a pearl snap button down, a pair of jeans and flip flops.  Now, let me be perfectly clear:  I live in Austin, Texas so casual is the new black.   Frankly, I enjoy this mindset.  It’s always OK to wear jeans.  There is not one fancy restaurant in town that would turn you away for wearing them.  I’m just saying that every once in awhile it would be nice if some of the fellas in this town would put on something a little more dressed up.  It’s not a mystery that women like this too.

That’s all, don’t throw blog stones at me.

Anyway, I digress….here is a sampling of the gorgeous bow ties I saw at the wedding:

 For further inspiration, visit The Satorialist.  He caputres some great mens fashion out on the streets of NYC and the rest of the world. 

2nd Place in AGWPJA photo contest

I’m excited that this image won 2nd place in the “Kids being kids” category of the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists Association!

Of the image, the judge said:

“Another fantastic image. The expression on the girl on the right and extended leg on the girl on the left really make this image sing. The colors and lighting all work and again the choice of lens and framing bring the elements together.”

I shot it during Dixie and George’s wedding back in April.

I hope you re all having a great Tuesday. It’s raining in Austin, which is such a great relief!

Sneak Peak – Anne & Aaron

Here’s a little teaser from the wedding that we recently did in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I think it’s awfully clever when couples having an outdoor wedding choose to put their ceremony program on a fan. This is foremost on my mind right now because it’s currently 106˚ in Austin, Texas. Oh my goodness. We are all melting. Fans are certainly coming in handy right about now. Fans and iced tea. And swimming pools. And shade. And air conditioning.

You get the picture.