English countryside wedding featured on Martha Stewart Weddings!

We were thrilled to have Lucy and Robie’s wedding featured on Martha Stewart’s Weddings!!  This wedding took place in Wiltshire, England and is packed full of goodness.  Although I encourage you to go over to Martha’s website for all the details, I also wanted to share the photographs, in all their glory, on photosmashing too.



Lucy drew a map of the town for the guest to use as a guide while visiting for the wedding.  Lucy and Robie created the save-the-date, rehearsal dinner and wedding invitations…among other things!  The hot air balloon on the invitations and map were inspired by drawings hanging in Guyers House, where the reception was held.

Guyers House….Over one hundred laser-cut birds hung from the ceiling.  The day after the wedding, these birds were cut down and given to the guests.  Julio Reyes, friend and partner with the bride & groom in the design company, BBITT, designed the birds.  Note:  You’ll be hearing more about this company in the future! 😉The seating chart was drawn by the bride’s father:The American friends and the British friends were each given the task of writing a song for the occasion.  The (American) song being sung in this picture was written by Sam Douglas, who got help singing from the British kiddos.  This song was called “Lucy and Robie in Outer Space.”

It was stuck in my head for weeks!

Again, please go over to Martha Stewart Weddings to read more about the details of this wedding.


Two completely unrelated things about England

First of all we photographed a wedding in Austin this past weekend where the bride was from West Texas and the groom was from England.  This is a wonderful combination of folks if you want to have a truly good time!!  Here is a photo of the bride before the wedding, we swiped the groom’s top hat before the ceremony:

Second, I’m off to England next Friday to photograph a wedding at The Guyers House in Cortsham, Wiltshire.  The bride is from England and the groom is from Alabama.  Another winning combination for a splendid time.  Not to mention, judging by the save the date that the designed themselves, it’s also going to be a clever affair:

I’m expecting many fascinators and bow ties.  Not to mention glorious English countryside and mild temperatures, which will be a welcome relief from our hot Texas summer.  I’ll also be in London for about a week, shooting in the streets and being a regular tourist in the city.  I’m hoping to blog from London, so I should be in touch…

Have a great weekend!