Ashley Garmon officially launches Heirloom today!

It’s official.  The website is up and running and open for business!  There is no reason for a beautiful wedding gown to hang on a plastic or wire hanger ever again.  Visit our website, to learn more about placing our customized hangers and order today!  They have become very popular bridesmaids’ gifts.  Your first  hanger would be full price and each additional hanger in that order receives a 10% discount.

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Harper & Dave’s Hill Country Fete

Harper and Dave tied the knot last Spring at a private residence in Driftwood, Texas.  The house had two enormous greenhouses built onto it.  It was a stunning backdrop for their wedding:

From the bride:

“Dave and I really wanted more than just a wedding, we wanted to have a celebration of our entire relationship. We’re  42 players, we love to dance, we love the outdoors, and we love a good time with family and friends.  All of these things were part of our love story, so we wanted all of them to be a part of our wedding.

We really wanted the feel to be a big glowing dinner party filled with things we love in everyday life – Chicken Picatta, Coors Lite, white wine, dancing, koozies from our neighborhood bar, and of course, dominoes!
Dave and I knew we wanted to see each other before the wedding. We’re both fairly emotional people, so we wanted to spend a few quiet moments to enjoy what was about to happen before the whirlwind started. I give Dave an obnoxious bunch of balloons on his birthday every year, and it drives him crazy, but he secretly loves it. I thought this would be a fitting day for a little inside joke as well and I’m so glad I went through with it. They definitely weren’t just a prop, it meant something to us.
Since day one of Dave and I dating, we’ve been great 42 partners. Dave’s grandparents also play dominoes, we play with them from time to time. It’s rare to find couples who play together and especially couples who’ve played together so long! We wanted to take time to sit with them at the wedding and play a few hands. It was a great way for us to actually be able to play 42 at the wedding and also get a little time with them to talk about the evening. It meant a lot to them, but I think it meant more to us!
One other thing that really mattered to us was not limiting our speakers at the ceremony by content. My brother is my oldest friend and because of that, he was my Man of Honor. Dave’s best friend from college stood with him and instead of assigning readings or something of that nature, we asked them to say whatever they wanted. Of course, that can go so many directions, but we were never stressed about it, and they both knocked it out of the park. Their words meant so much more to us than anything we could have come up with. They were honest and thoughtful and from the heart and that candidness really set the tone for the rest of the night.”
Here is the list of talented vendors involved with the wedding:
Florist: Westbank
Caterer: 34th Street
Coordinator: Ryann Collier
Videographer: Sean Greenberg
Ceremony Band: Hill Country Strings
Invitations: Arts and Recreation
Hair & Make up: I Love You, Pink
Rentals: Marquee
Dress Hanger: Heirloom

Win an Heirloom hanger today on JUNEBUG WEDDINGS!

Hey brides-to-be!  Heirloom is part of a holiday giveaway over on What is Heirloom?  Well, after years of photographing wedding dresses on plastic (or wire hangers from the dry cleaners) I decided there had to be something better.  So with the help of some talented friends, I have created a handmade hanger, customized for each client.  This hanger will dramatically improve the portrait of your gown on your wedding day.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment on the link and let them know about the bridal fashion which you are most excited about for your wedding day.  It’s that easy!

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My new line of wooden hangers featured on Junebug Weddings!

I’m so excited to announce my new venture, Heirloom, is featured today on Junebug Weddings! After being disappointed for years photographing beautiful wedding dresses on less-than-beautiful hangers, I decided to fill this niche in the market by creating handmade wooden hangers. Each hanger is made entirely in Texas and is customized to each bride by laser-engraving their name, the name of the couple or the wedding date onto the wood. Not only are the hangers functional, but they are a beautiful heirloom that will forever remind you of your wedding day. If you are interested in more details, fill out the inquiries form on the website, and stay tuned for more beautiful wedding items to come from Heirloom…