Goodbye Winter.

Today is the first day of Spring – THANK GOODNESS, right?  Like most everyone else I had a heavy dose of winter this year.  Traveling deep into the Rocky Mountains followed immediately by a quick trip to the ice cap that is Chicago, Illinois made me 100% ready for winter to be over!  I will have to say thought, that I enjoyed by winter trips immensely.  When I finally arrived in Aspen, Colorado after 7 hours on a bus (FROM DENVER, normally a 3 hour trip), I realized that I had forgot my Holga camera.  Which was a small little tragedy for me.  But with the help of Amazon Prime, I was able to get a new one within a few days.  Overnight delivery turned into a few days.  But given that we were sitting in the middle of the worst (best?) snowstorm in 30 years, I wasn’t complaining.  Fun fact: we got 24 inches in 24 hours.  It was AMAZING.

I was a little unsure about shooting with the new camera without being able to do a test roll to see how the light leaks were on this particular one.  But I decided I didn’t have a choice and went ahead and shot with it anyway.  For those of you who are familiar with Holga cameras, you’ll know what I mean.  For those who are not familiar, I’ll just say you’re about to see a few b/w photos shot with a plastic camera.

Everyday was basically a blizzard so I have some very cold & snowy photos.  The camera is actually pretty tight, so I will be fussing with it to make it a bit less predictable.

And now, it’s Friday and 80 degrees in Austin, Texas and I’m not working this weekend.  SO, TGIF I say!  TGIF.


Jessica via the Holga camera

I brought my Holga camera to my bride, Jessica’s bridal portrait in Houston a few weeks ago.  It’s always a gamble to shoot with this particular camera.  You never know what you’ll get, if anything at all.

This is a nice one though, so I thought I’d share.

I’m off to Washington DC in a few days to shoot an engagement portrait.  I’m really excited to be shooting in a city that I’ve never visited before.  It’s wedding season, so things are bananas around here!  Maybe not the best time to schedule a portrait on the east coast.  However, I opted for better weather rather than the convenience of scheduling.  So, stay away rain and heat!

Have a great weekend!


Sweet Mercury Hall wedding on Junebug Weddings today.

We are always so pleased when Junebug Weddings features a wedding that we have shot.  This particular gem was really fun!  The couple, Sarah and Chris requested that I shoot with my Holga camera as well as digital.  This always seems to be a good indicator that the couple will be easy to work with and that photography is really important to them.  Frankly, they were a dream come true!

Thank you Sarah and Chris for hiring us to shoot your wedding.  Thank you also for the kind things you said about me in the post.  That was unexpected to read!!


Holga – Sarah and Chris

It is a rare but welcome occasion when a client requests that I shoot some portraits with my Holga.  Sarah and Chris were such clients, even making sure we started earlier enough so we could have the right kind of light.  The outcome, while always unpredictable can often produce at least one image I am pleased with.  There are actually several images that came out from the Holga.  But this one is my favorite.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


Holga – Putney, England

This is The River Thames that runs through Putney, England.  I went to Putney (a suburb outside London) to meet with Robie and Lucy so we could discuss the details of the wedding day, which was fast approaching.  The day actually looked exactly as it does in these photographs.  Cool, drizzling rain, darkish.  It was the perfect weather for shooting with a holga camera.

To be perfectly honest, I would give nearly anything…anything at all to have cool, drizzling rain and darkish as a description for the weather.  I want to climb into that bottom photo, swim to the boat and lounge until I was forced back to land.

We are frying like bacon down here in Austin.  Please send relief!!!!!



A few photos of Lucy & Robie

There are few things as glorious as photographing a wedding in the English countryside.  It was especially nice escaping the Texas summer for awhile.  While I can’t share the wedding with you just yet, here are a few photos of Lucy and Robie that I shot after the ceremony.  Some are with the holga camera too, which is always fun.

More coming soon from Lucy and Robie’s wedding!

Have a good Tuesday,