Danna and Jay, Horsehoe Bay Resort

Danna and Jay had there wedding in Horseshoe Bay, Texas back in May.  I just love these two.  Seriously, I had such a good time with both of them.  Also, Danna has what I call “magical hair.”  Her curls were literally unaffected by the wind, humidity, you name it.  It’s pretty spectacular!  There is a lot of love and laughs between them which make for fantastic photos!  There details were beautiful too.  All in all, a lovely affair that I was proud to be apart of.

Here’s me virtually hugging Danna and Jay!


This wedding was brought to you by:

Marriott Horseshoe Bay Resort

Westbank Flowers

Wedding coordinator: Linda Dryden, lkdryden@aol.com

Crescent Video

The Cake Plate