Sweet elopement on Sea Island, Georgia

This wedding was really a special one for me.  The bride and I have worked together on several weddings in Texas.  When I say we’ve been in the trenches together, that’s not really an understatement.  I found out she was engaged last Spring and was quietly planning to elope to Sea Island, Georgia.  I basically said “well, you should probably take me with you.”  Which she did!  They were married under two gorgeous rows of century-old oak trees on the island.  No muss, no fuss – it was as perfect as it should be.

Teeny tiny lace Valentino gown, be still my heart…

From the bride:

Despite being an event planner in Houston, Texas, I never envisioned myself as a “bride” with a big wedding.  Thinking about all of the attention made me feel a bit faint.  I prefer to stay behind the scenes!

On the other side of the same coin, I am an event planner and there were going to be certain things I might miss by not having a wedding.  My solution was to make sure that the details I would have found important in a traditional wedding were translated to our elopement.  Those components were the dress, stationery, food, and photos.  I found the perfect lace Valentino dress and dreamed up a rose gold themed wedding announcement and new monogram with Amy Boyter of Papellerie in Houston.

We decided to escape to the Cloister at Sea Island, in a sleepy part of Georgia that has been on my list for quite a while.   It is the ultimate southern time capsule.  Knowing the peace of mind that strong personal referrals bring, I consulted with Caroline Carter of Caroline Carter Events in Georgia to gather the handful of local vendors involved.  Georgia was foreign territory to me, and I knew I wanted to go into the day with no worries or fears.

And of course, what is a wedding without the photos to keep your memories safe?  Ashley Garmon is one of my favorite, favorite photographers — for her talent behind the camera, and her easy going demeanor as well.  She has never let any of my clients down and I knew she’d produce the same gorgeous work for Paul and I!  I even confirmed that Ashley was available to travel to Georgia before I confirmed the date with the minister.*

Our wedding day started out like any other normal day on vacation – but a bit more quiet and reflective.  I had a walk on the beach and quiet breakfast outdoors while Paul slept in.  He dropped me off to have my hair done and had barbeque while he waited (Southern Soul, y’all).  Then we dressed separately and Ashley met me to start capturing the details.  We had our “first look” under the oak that President Coolidge planted on his visit to Sea Island in 1928.  A pristine 1940 Cadillac picked us up to take us to meet the seersucker-clad Lutheran minister at the Avenue of the Oaks.  After our short but sweet ceremony, we headed back to the Cloister for an incredible 10-course meal at the Chef’s Table at the acclaimed Georgian Room.  Our wedding day was quiet but sweet, and even better than what we imagined.  We would not have done it any other way!


Elopement planning:  Keely Thorne Events

Vendor Referrals:  Caroline Carter Events
Hair Stylist:  Amy Jenkins with Beinvenue Salon
Personal flowers:  Edward on St. Simon’s
Vintage Car:  Martin’s Wedding Transportation
Officiant:  Reverend Steve Schulte
Photography:  Ashley Garmon Photographers

*I promise I didn’t pay her to say such nice things.  But thank you Jennie!  And thanks to both of you for including me.  It was an honor.


Unscripted Moments

As wedding photographers, we spend so much time leading up to the ceremony discussing photography on the wedding day.  Primarily, we spend most of our communication with our clients talking about the list of group formals we will have to do before and after the wedding.  It’s important that we are able to capture each different set-up requested by our clients.  Within reason, of course.  Often times, I have to explain that simple math will not allow s to take 40 different portrait set-ups in the 30 minutes allotted to us to do these pictures.  Additionally, clients and their parents will add photos as we are going along.  I have a rule when this happens:  I never say no.  It’s easier to say yes than to explain why we shouldn’t do it.  That reason is that we are racing against time – or the sun setting, to try and have time for the portraits of the bride and groom.

But with all of the juggling of these traditional photographs that we execute with lightning speed in order to stay on time for the rest of the day, and all the communication regarding them that leads up to the day, it’s still the moments caught on the fly that are the sweetest.

This photo is from a recent wedding we shot in Houston.  Her dress isn’t set just so, the couple isn’t looking at the camera.  They had just gotten married and this moment – those real smiles – well, that is what makes it perfect to me.


First post – Paige & Ryan

I love these photos of all the bridesmaids seeing Paige for the first time with her gown & flowers…Paige and Ryan were married at Boot Ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas at the end of March.  We actually shot Paige’s brother’s wedding a few years ago.  It was fun to see so many familiar faces.   This is just a snippet of the day.  More details and reception photos to come…

Thank you so much to Kristin McShane at Keely Thorne Events for everything!

Have a good weekend.  I’m off to work, it’s wedding season after all!


Sandra + Lynn – Houston, Texas

Here are some of my favorite shots from Sandra and Lynn’s wedding at The Corinthian in Houston….

Check out the bottom left-hand corner of the image above.  Totally busted the flower girl picking her nose during the ceremony.  Adorable!

Thank you to Keely Thorne Events for running a flawless production!  It makes our jobs as photographers much easier.

Many congratulations to Sandra and Lynn!!