Esa and Mark’s Laguna Gloria Wedding

In the span of my career as a wedding photographer (which is 15 years) I had the task of capturing many of my friends’ wedding days.  These weddings have been shot in a variety of ways.  Once I was the maid of honor/photographer.  This took place at the Silver Bells Chapel in Las Vegas, so it wasn’t a big deal to wear both hats.  I’ve also been a bridesmaids and had members of my photo team cover the wedding.  Sometimes it’s just me and a handful of our close friends.  Sometimes it’s a collective of friend/photographers covering the wedding.  But more often than not, it’s me and and my team, doing our thing.  I treat my friends’ weddings like any other client.  I consider it an honor to be asked to participate in anyone’s wedding day.  Whether they are clients or friends, I bring the same level of professionalism.  It isn’t until after the wedding, when I’m editing and really looking that the images that I could get emotional.  Usually.
That was not the case when I shot Esa and Mark’s wedding.  I couldn’t stop myself.  I got choked up when she put on her dress.  I got choked up when I watched Mark see Esa for the first time.  And during the ceremony….well lets just say thank goodness for auto-focus.  I was crying all over my camera.  Another friend who was a guest, came to say hello after the ceremony.  I literally tried to pull the old “my allergies are wrecking me” card.  He didn’t buy it.  Oh I cannot imagine why.  With my puffy eyes, nose – face in general. I was a visual snotty, emotional,  blubbering disaster.  But, you know, in a good way.  I even cried during the toasts!!  I was such a happy, crying mess.  Such is life, eh?

Esa and her sisters have been friends of mine for a very long time.  I feel like they are extensions of my family.  I have often felt like another sister to them.  The special thing about these ladies, beyond their general sweet natures, collective beauty, and fun spirit is their closeness.  They would prefer to be with each other than anyone else.  Themselves and of course, now Mark.

Congratulations again Esa and Mark.  I love you both!  And no I am totally NOT tearing up while I write this too. I’m not!  Stop looking at me!



Last but certainly not least, the amazing vendors making this wedding possible:

Ashley Garmon Photographers

Lizze Belle Event Planning, Aimee Villa

Westbank Flower Market

Illios Lightning

Marquee Events


Coco Paloma Cakes

Make up – Mandy Morrison and Ashley Van Dusen

Hair – Jean Barton

Dress Hanger – Heirloom