Sleeping in Public, ummmm…..

I had completely forgotten about this photo as I took it 11 years ago. I was shooting in LA Jolla, California and spied this couple below us on the beach. They were in this position for almost the duration of the shoot.

I remember thinking when I printed this photo: “I like this weird picture but what am I ever going to do with it?” Well, now we know.


Sleeping in Public, IN YOUR FACE.

I was on a three hour flight to Costa Rica on Sunday and had the pleasure of sharing my personal space with open mouth sleeping guy. He slept the whole way, just like this. It was pretty unpleasant. Too bad for him that he was sitting next to a girl whose hobby it was to photograph people sleeping in public.

So sorry super sleepy French guy. But that’s what you get for mouth breathing on me for three hours.


Sleeping in Public, no one is safe.

Not even my friends. Well, everyone except for Emily Joyce, my second shooter. She was trying to nap on a bus while we were in Ireland and she had her face covered with her coat so that she wouldn’t end up on photosmashing. Fair enough. I felt bad because she looked uncomfortable and it seemed unfair. So Emily gets a free pass. The rest of you guys are fair game, so watch out:Please excuse the quality of the photo below. It was taken at night on a plane. But I couldn’t resist THREE people sleeping all within shooting range. It was almost too much.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.
See you in 2009!


Sleeping in Public 4 (or 5) not sure anymore…

Okay, you’ve asked and emailed and commented about the Sleeping in Public photos more than anything else. So, here you go! I’ve been stocking them away. The ones that I shot at Lollapalooza were just too easy. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. I love things that are like shooting fish in a barrel. Except that I’d never shoot fish in a barrel, that just seems hateful. Ahem…ANYWAY.

I’ll start with Ireland:This is Stephanie of the Irish wedding (photo below). The only person ever appear sleeping in public twice on my blog! I actually have several photos of her sleeping. She was such a trooper though. She always rallied through her jetlag.
CHECK IT OUT Y’ALL!!!!!! Three people IN A ROW sleeping in the Dublin Airport and a pilot too! I was thrilled to see this. Even though I took it with my phone & it kind of sucks. But it was far too good to pass up.

Here are the fish:
OMG – two SIP at once:

The photo below is maybe my favorite. This guy was soooo pooped that he literally made a pillow out of dirt. Scooped it right up laid his sleepy little head on it. Hey, it was after Girl Talk played at Lolla. We all needed a rest of some kind.

Nightie night, Captain. I like your super cool shoes:

Sleeping in Public 3

Here’s the latest round of sleeping in public. Andrew Codlin knocked my socks off by sending in a montage of people sleeping in Japan. Actually, most of the photos are of people sleeping in Japan. Which is odd. Here’s Alex Codlin’s contribution:

Here’s Danny Allen’s contribution. He was my June 14th groom and read’s my blog. I have to say that I’m proud there is a groom out there reading my blog! But enough about me…

Yimay sent this one in. IT’s fantastic!! You know how I love the open mouth sleepers!!

Finally, here are a whole lot of folks snoozing in public. I cannot believe that Andrew saw this many people sleeping! By the way, that’s Andrew in the top right hand corner sleeping on a bench with his Dad. Super sleepy….

Sleeping in Public 2

A few people have actually sent in photos of people publicly catching Z’s. Katee Faust actually sent in a photo of herself sleeping, passed out rather, on the train in France. I’ve also received several emails of people saying that they have photos – so email them to me already!

Keith Gaddis, Keith’s Flickr Account, sent in a shot of someone sleeping on the street during SXSW. There must be more of these floating around…

Kim Maguire sent in this one:

Here’s Katee after too much wine in Paris:

My old assistant Sarah (OK, I don’t mean OLD, I mean she doesn’t work for me anymore – don’t have a cow, Sarah) shot these photos on her honeymoon. How boss is that? Actually her husband shot the one on the bottom – that’s actually her sitting in front of the sleeping fellow. She’s totally snickering and feigning embarrassment!! GOod job, Sarah!

OK, send in some more.

I have to say that the shots of people with their mouth open are the best. Don’t you think?

P.S. There are a couple of slang words that I’m obviously trying to bring back. One of them is “boss.” Another is the phrase “don’t have a cow.” That’s waaay under used these days.

Send me your “sleeping in public” photos!

My friend Nick (of Nick and Steve from Chicago) sent me this photo of another guy sleeping in public. I’m completely digging his white jeans AND white boots. Wow. You know this guy has been in these clothes all night and is passed out in what appears to be a public lounge of some kind. I encourage you all to send me “sleeping in public” photos too. As I’m writing, I’m feeling that this maybe a contest and there might be a prize for the winner.

Nick is the one on the left:

…and yes, again, these guys are straight.

But I digress.

Email me your SIP photos and I’ll post them: Maybe you’ll win. But then we’re all winners, aren’t we? Unless you’re caught sleeping in public and your photo ends up on photosmashing, then you’re kind of a loser. And there is an entirely different prize for that.