Sneak Peak – Anne & Aaron

Here’s a little teaser from the wedding that we recently did in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I think it’s awfully clever when couples having an outdoor wedding choose to put their ceremony program on a fan. This is foremost on my mind right now because it’s currently 106˚ in Austin, Texas. Oh my goodness. We are all melting. Fans are certainly coming in handy right about now. Fans and iced tea. And swimming pools. And shade. And air conditioning.

You get the picture.



This is a photo of the mother of the bride having a laugh as her daughter, Kim, gets ready to put on her wedding dress. Every time I look at this photo it makes me smile.

I hope you find many smiles today,


The bride and the bridesmaids at this wedding all wore a pair of high heels of their choice. All of the bridesmaids were wearing short white dresses which you don’t see a lot. But it looked really great, especially with all of the different shoes. The bride wore electric blue heels. Love it!

More from this wedding in the next coming week…

Busy Weekend.

We shot two pretty perfect weddings this weekend. Both were styled beautifully and were a pleasure to photograph. Thankfully the weather held out for us to have a perfectly bright overcast sky.

Here’s a shot from Dixie and George’s wedding on Saturday:

Here’s our bride, Sarah, from her wedding to Adam on Sunday:

Much more to come. I’m hoping to have images from both of these weddings posted this week as well as some other fun stuff and a PSA from Ashley Garmon Photographers.