Wedding in Far West Texas, Part 1

I love love love weddings in West Texas.  Particularly at The Gage in Marathon.  This hotel is set up to handle all of your wedding needs and it is beautiful!  If you’re thinking of having a destination wedding, consider Far West Texas, you and your guests will not be disappointed!  It’s the home of Marathon, Alpine, and the increasingly popular Marfa, Texas.   It’s also home to Big Bend National Park and the Davis Mountains.  As well as the McDonald Observatory.  OH!  And don’t forget about the mysterious Marfa Lights.   As the name indicates, it’s FAR.  Far from anything.  Midland, Texas is 3 hours away, as is El Paso.  The ultimate Texas road trip, if you will.
Growing up, I spent a lot of time in West Texas – my family is from there.  So at an early age I was spellbound by that area of Texas’ insanely beautiful and dramatic sunsets.  So any chance I get to shoot out there, I take it.  Shelby and Brooks were married in Marathon at the groom’s family ranch.  It was stunning and I would go on and on.  But I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves!  Happily, I was able to shoot some with my Holga camera.  Which, I also love love love.

A west Texas wedding ceremony wouldn’t be complete without something creepy-crawly in attendance.  For the record, there were two tarantulas!

Far West Texas, Part 2 coming soon!


Dude, that is not your bouquet.

Silly usher, give the bride back her wedding bouquet!  No, really.  Give it back.The wind provided some dramatics for us last Saturday!

Thanks so much to our bride, Sarah.  She had the best attitude ever.  Wind?  WHAT WIND?

Have a good weekend everyone,


First post – Paige & Ryan

I love these photos of all the bridesmaids seeing Paige for the first time with her gown & flowers…Paige and Ryan were married at Boot Ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas at the end of March.  We actually shot Paige’s brother’s wedding a few years ago.  It was fun to see so many familiar faces.   This is just a snippet of the day.  More details and reception photos to come…

Thank you so much to Kristin McShane at Keely Thorne Events for everything!

Have a good weekend.  I’m off to work, it’s wedding season after all!


Wedding at Fun Fun Fun Fest!

This weekend, the clever folks at Transmission Entertainment are throwing the 6th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest, an independent genre based music festival.  I look forward to FFF Fest every year with great excitement.  Not only because they bring excellent music to Austin for us to hear, there are always interesting twists.  For instance, on the bill this year is the internet sensation, Sexy Sax Man.  Why?  Because it’s funny.  The main music draws this year are Spoon, Public Enemy and SLAYER.  Hipsters at one end of the fest, Metal at the other…and everyone else in between.  Oh yeah, there is also a skate ramp built by Project LOOP, wrestling and comedians.

So when a couple contacted Transmission Entertainment wanting to get married at the festival, of course they said yes.  And in true Fun Fun Fun Fest form, they took it to the next level.

Page and Stephen will be getting married on the Yellow Stage at 3:35pm on Sunday.  Sexy Sax Man will be playing his irresistable George Michael jams and there is a very special guest officiating the wedding ceremony.  Everyone is invited.  And trust me, if you are a fan of the fest, of music etc, you will not want to miss it. Yours truly been happily recruited to photograph this blessed event. I cannot WAIT to see Page and Stephen’s face when they see their officiant.  No pressure to capture these moments, right?

If you cannot attend (I’m already sad for you), Pitchfork is streaming it live all weekend.

If you need me, I’ll be at the fest.  But don’t call me, because I can’t hear you.


Modern Affair at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

Melissa and John held their wedding at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.  They used the same space for both the ceremony and reception.  I’ve seen this many times but what they did that was different (and fabulous) was that they used lighting to create a different atmosphere for each event.  First of all, they had several trees (yes, actual trees) suspended from the ceiling.  During the ceremony only the Huppah was spot lit everything else was dark except for six trees suspended above the guests:

After the ceremony, the lighting was set to reveal the trees on the perimeter of the space and suspended from the ceiling.  The trees hung above beautifully potted succulent gardens and were completed with brightly colored faux parakeets attached to their limbs.  The lighting on the walls with dramatic shadowing gave the feeling of being in a forest:

There was not a shortage of goodies at the reception either!

What you’re looking at is a giant cupcake (in lieu of a wedding cake).  The couple resides in NYC, so The Chrysler Building and  Empire State Building served as cake toppers.

Have a great Tuesday!


Emma & Simon, but first the dress.

Yes, I will be sharing this entire wedding with you.  But first, we must talk about this dress.  THIS DRESS.  Before you all email me at once (and literally for months to come, like you did with Sarah Senter) the dress is made by Lanvin.  The bride and groom live in Switzerland.  So the bride, Emma, was fortunate enough to buy her dress in Paris, France.  Dreamy, huh?  I actually met the dress before I met Emma.  Yes, I just said that I “met the dress.”  Margot, Emma’s mother showed it to me when she returned from Paris.  I literally gasped when I saw it.  What IS that color?  It hung and moved like a dream.  I regularly thought about this dress for months.  It was perfect for the wedding: understated, elegant…clever, even.  Much like Emma herself.  I have never seen such a calm bride on her wedding day.  
This whole wedding was delightful for us to photograph and again, I will be sharing it on photosmashing.  But here’s a teaser: the ceremony was held at her parents house in the historic neighborhood in Austin, Texas.  The backdrop for the ceremony was simply a well loved garden.  The backdrop for the portraits was a barn from the late 19th century that somehow exists in the backyard.  The reception was a street party with dancing and cocktails in the middle of the street and a gorgeous tent in an empty lot at the end of the block which the guest enjoyed a three course meal.  Gumbo was served as the main course to honor the bride’s family being from New Orleans.    This tent had the most perfect lighting.  A vintage pick up truck blocked off the street.  A wall of sweet peas had been planted months ago in preparation and provided a low wall for one side of the tent.  A giant chalkboard served as the seating chart and more!
And then there’s this dress….
P.S. Sarah Senter’s dress is John Galliano She got it at Neiman Marcus Last Call.