Beautiful Barr Mansion Wedding on Carats & Cake today!

Stacey and Eric were married in February on a perfect Sunday afternoon.  You would have never even known it was wintertime, the weather was so perfect.  Click here to check out their wedding, being featured today on Carats & Cake, and to see a list of all the talented vendors that made it happen.  Here are a few more photos from the wedding as well:

Thank you for having us capture these memories for you Stacey & Eric!

Have a great day,


Glamorous Anna

We shot the wedding on Saturday, so now I can finally share some of Anna’s bridal portraits!  She said she wanted glamour.  She wasn’t kidding!  She used to be a model and was fearless in her wedding gown.  Didn’t mind twigs, dirt, anything really, getting on it.   She almost walked through water once, and she didn’t care.  A golden retriever ran up to her and nearly jumped on her – she didn’t flinch.  I, on the other hand was flinching the whole time.  Thanks for being fearless and glamorous, Anna!


Now THIS is a confetti exit!

This photo is an example of only what is to come from this particular wedding.  Explosions of color and creativity everywhere!!

More to come….


UPDATE 6/25/13 : Martha Stewart Weddings tweeted this photo and regrammed it on instagram.  We are pretty darn excited about that!

BHLDN Event In Houston, Texas

I am just pleased as punch to be be part of an event being held at BLHDN in Houston, Texas on Sunday. It will be showcasing a handful of vendors from Austin. I was lucky enough to be chosen among them!

What is BHLDN? Well, it is Anthropologie’s answer to weddings. The site is gorgeous but the store is BEYOND. Every inch of that store is stunning. It even smells good. For real, it SMELLS good. But not like anything specific of floral. Just really really good. Dare I say delightful? I went there for the first time last weekend when was in Houston for a shoot. Speaking of, here are a few photographs of my beautiful bride from Saturday’s wedding….

So, if you are in Houston on Sunday, please come by and see us.  You’ll be glad you did!

Have a good weekend,


I love…

I love it when members of the wedding party check out what is happening while they are sequestered to a specific room before the ceremony.

I love oversized windows, shiny wooden floors and empty rooms.

I love silhouettes and back light.

I love it when little girls steal glances at brides.


– Smash

Wind = Glamour.

I am always pleased when the wind picks up while I’m shooting.  It creates a sense of movement and glamour.

Even if the wind picks up a veil just the slightest bit, it adds to the image.

I always notice that brides get a little nervous when wind begins to pick up.  I always assure them that no, the veil is not going to fly off their head!  Well, usually not….So, on your wedding day, pray for wind.  I think wind is a very good thing.

Happy Monday,